Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Know You Have a Beautiful Islamic Friendship When

When together, you both:
  1. - Remind each other of Allah (SWT) when you set eyes on each other.

  2. - Leave each other’s company with a higher level of imaan [faith in Allah (SWT)].

  3. - Inevitably start the conversation with the Islamic greeting ‘As-Salaamu Alaykum’, and receive the masnoon reply for it.

  4. - Do the masnoon mu’aanaqah (hug) and musafahah (handshake) on a regular basis.

  5. - Almost always mention Allah (SWT), Noble Qur’an, Ahlul Bayt or Hadith in some context or the other, in your conversations.

  6. - Strengthen each other’s belief on the Hereafter. Give each other more duaa’s (well wishes) than material gifts.

  7. - Always end up exchanging useful and mature ideas and thoughts. Love each other above and beyond worldly benefits.

  8. - Attend religious study-circles/ halaqah’s together. Have prayed salaah together many times.

  9. - Have watched each other cry, out of love of Allah (SWT) or out of regret for committing a transgression.

  10. - Listen attentively if the other is saying something that pleases Allah (SWT).

  11. - Politely point out and reform each other’s mistakes or bad habits in the best way possible.

  12. - Return an Amanah (item placed in other’s trust/safekeeping) belonging to the other in its original state.

  13. - Smile together, but with decent, non-malicious humor. Enquire regularly about the health of the other’s family.

  14. - Become uninterested and change the subject if the other starts to say something that is impermissible.

  15. - Always discourage the other if they plan to do something wrong.

  16. - Always encourage the other if they intend to do a good deed that they’re hesitant to do.

  17. - Consult each other in important matters. Give each other advice seriously and sincerely.

  18. - Never waste each other’s time in useless activities. Never invite the other to a place or gathering of sin.

  19. - Have full trust that they will never reveal secrets or personal problems to others, nor will they gossip about you behind your back.

  20. - Address each other in a respectful and loving manner. Forgive each other’s faults and shortcomings, and hide them from others.

This list I found here reminded me how much I love and appreciate my friends  sisters. Alhamdulilah, I feel like a lot of the things mentioned here are a reflection of my friendship with my sisters in Islam. The best thing about my friendship with my girls is our constant remembrance of Allah when we're together. Never in my life have I had friends that truly loved me for the sake of Allah and who truly cared for my well being. They're always there when I need them more than anything and no matter how dire the situation they remind me that the answer to everything is duaa. 
Our love for Allah unites us
I miss them :(
Wiwi & Riri for Life always inshAllah
I love our special salam handshake [La Ilaha Illa Allah] 
I love this girl
No matter the distance, may we always be close inshAllah. 

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