Monday, June 27, 2011

I Never Leave The House Without My...

I believe that a woman's purse can say so much about her. Just by looking at a woman's purse, you can learn a lot about her personality. What teaches you more, are the contents of her purse. I'm not one to take all of my possessions with me wherever I go out. Actually, I've been told that my purse is unbelievably empty for a girl. When I go out, I normally take with me my Coach glasses because I'm blind like that lol. It's funny when I purchased the glasses, I didn't notice they were coach, until I got to the register and saw the price :( lol. I also carry my favorite Victoria's Secret lip gloss, my cell phone, ipod, a pack of gum. and of course money! The most sentimental things I like to carry with me are my prayer beads, which are a gift from my grandmother and my little Quran that includes a written duaa for my grandfather [May Allah Bless His Soul]. Whenever I carry these two things, it makes me feel protected. I don't know, the fact that there is a Quran in my purse and prayer beads makes me feel as though I'm safe and the contents in my purse are safe. 
What don't you ever leave the house without? 

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