Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seeking the Blessings of Jumaa

“Whoever recites Surat Al-Kahf (18) on the Day of Jumu’ah (Friday) then he will be given a light between the two Jumu’as ( that Friday and the following Friday). (Al-Baihaqi 3:249)
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Don't miss out on the blessings of reading Sourat al Kahf every jumaa. You never know how many Fridays you have left, so why take that chance right? I'm not preaching, trust me, I above everyone know how easy it is to get caught up in the duniya and to "forget" to read sourat al kahf. Whenever I get lazy and try to just listen to sourat al kahf rather than sit down, read it, and meditate on it's meaning, I remember this quote by Hamza Yusuf."The first revelation of the Quran was Iqra not Isma', Read, not listen." That ayah from Sourat al Alaq, speaks for itself and tells you just how important it is to actually read the Quran, instead of listening to it. 

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