Sunday, June 5, 2011

HFW Day 7: Party Hostess

Cardigan: Express, Top: Papaya, Jeans: Espirit, Heels: Macy's 

I've never thrown a party, but if I did, it would most likely be a chill party for me and my close friends. I wanted to keep my outfit pretty casual. If i'm hosting a party at my house I don't want to feel over dressed, so my favorite top, jeans, and heels, are my go-to items to create my party hostess outfit. 

Hijabi Fashion Week is officially over. I'm sad because this was a different experience for me. I never thought I would post so many photos of my self for a week straight! If your tired of seeing my face all over Beauty of Islam, don't worry lol, i'll be back to my normal posts very soon. For those that actually enjoyed this, there is a chance I may do this every once in a while if i'm feeling inspired. I really want to go outside of my boundary and discover new ways to be hijabi fabulous, so my blog will be a way for me to experiment with that. Till than, stay tuned...

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