Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ramadan Preparations

We are down to the final days before Ramadan. SubhanAllah, it's crazy how almost a year has passed since last Ramadan. I had an amazing Ramadan last year alhamdulilah. I witnessed a beautiful shahada of a sister I barely knew at the time, but quickly grew to love. I also enjoyed many iftars at the masjid with my university family. InshAllah my Ramadan and yours will be even more blessed than last year. In order to make our Ramadan this year even more productive...we must prepare for it. Yasir Birjas gave ten points for achieving excellence during Ramadan. 

  1. Have hunger for success: Whatever expectation you have for yourself, you will achieve 80% of that expectation. Don’t make failure an option this Ramadan, have that desire and hunger for success.
  2. Set your goals: When you set your goals this Ramadan, set them high! Allah swt set the Ultimate goal for you- and that’s Firdous Al Aa’la insha’Allah! Not only should you set these goals, but commit to them as well.
  3. Build confidence this Ramadan: Don’t listen to everyone else if they’re trying to bring you down or if they criticize you on the changes you’re making. But also don’t beat yourself down or be hard on yourself if you fall short of a goal.
  4. Do what you love to do: Choose a deed that you like to do and increase it this Ramadan. Whether it be reading the Quran, cooking/feeding people, Qiyaam Al Alail, or even being in seclusion and worshiping your Lord. Increase those deeds in Ramadan. The Prophet PBUH wants us to do deeds that are continuous even if they’re small.
  5. Study the successful: Not just study, but learn from those who are more knowledgeable. It will encourage and motivate you to be better insha’Allah. The best examples are the Prophets and Companions. Read stories about them and insha’Allah their amazing characteristics and struggles will motivate you. 
  6. Be in company of the successful: There’s no doubt the people you associate yourself with will have an influence on you-whether it be a good or a bad influence. If you want to achieve, look for high achievers. Catching their habits is contagious and insha’Allah this will also motivate you to be better.
  7. Go all out and work hard: Be serious about your achievements and make them a priority. This Ramadan insha’Allah be a lot more focused on those changes you are trying to make, you never know if this is your last Ramadan or not.
  8. Be prepared to change your schedule: Obviously your daily schedule will have to change during Ramadan. At least expect it to change and don’t get back into the habit of your old schedule as The Month progresses. But adapt to your schedule at your own comfort. Also, never make things back-to-back and crowd up your schedule; you never know when an emergency might come up. 
  9. Remind yourself of the virtues of what you’re achieving: You can go about this several ways. One, you could go to someone who you know will be a constant reminder to you, or you can just simply keep reminding yourself. Remind yourself that our deeds weigh more during This Month and you may not get another chance like that again! “And Remind for verily a reminder benefits the believer”(51:55) 
  10. Never give up: Shaitan is good at making us give up good things, but during this month, shaitan will be locked up so the battle is between you and yourself-never tell yourself you can’t do it. If you have faith in Allah, never give up. Do good until the very last second of The Month of Ramadan, even if you fall a bit short, do not give up!!

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