Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Don't Discriminate

I noticed  that many of my readers are females, but I'm aware that I also have some male readers too. Not to put  certain brothers out there lol, but a few brother's from my university Islamic Student Association were once arguing over my blog. They were arguing whether it was okay or not for them to read my blog since it's mainly meant for women. I don't view Beauty of Islam as a women only blog, but a lot of the topics I discuss deal with women's issues. Also, I am a woman after all, so I perceive many things from a female perspective. I appreciate all the brothers that check my blog out and I hope that they will continue to read my posts, even with all its girly-ness. Today I discovered a great blog on Islam from a brother's point of view. After reading his posts I am sure that Muslim men and women will want to read all the amazing things he has to say. Introducing: quest for the one.

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