Thursday, July 14, 2011

Terror training fraud?

Legit, when Anderson Cooper started discussing this video on CNN I had to refrain myself from reaching for the remote and switching the channel. I'm getting tired of seeing all these negative videos on the news about Islam. Over the past couple months, I saw only one positive clip on the news that I am so thankful for. Saheela Ibraheem will be attending Harvard at the age of fifteen. MashAllah TabarakAllah! Too bad CNN won't take more breaks like these to cover positive stories about Muslims in America. Anywhoo back to the video that made me so darn upset. First off, this man claims to have converted to Christianity. Okay, so you left Islam, that is your choice, but please don't go around denouncing our religion. Islam already has a bad reputation in America, and now a "former" Muslim is giving Americans more of a reason to dislike Muslims. I'm glad that the video focused on the fact that this man has no proof supporting his claim that he was a terrorist. If only the media thought twice about the legitimacy of more negative stories that relate to Islam.  Maybe than Americans wouldn't have such a negative view of Islam.

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