Saturday, July 16, 2011

Empowering the Youth

Yesterday I was blessed enough to have been able to see Imam Suhaib Webb speak. Imam Suhaib gave a great lecture surrounding the theme of "empowering the youth." He did a great job answering questions and tackling issues dealing with the Muslim youth. I walked away from the majid that night with a lot of knowledge and alhamdulilah an iman boost. SubhanAllah every time I go to the masjid I come out feeling better iman wise [alhamdulilah.] The majid is such a peaceful place where I can just leave all of my troubles at the door with ease. Every time I listen to a lecture I like to write down one quote that just spoke to me. 
"Whoever makes sujood to Allah properly, will never make sujood to the duniya."
-Suhaib Webb
This quote to me, sums up his entire lecture. The focal point of his lecture was Allah swt and the youth's connection with Allah. If the Muslim youth better their connection to Allah and stay on point with their prayers, than they won't fall for the tricks of this duniya. Suhaib Webb also touched on issues of gender relations. He focused on one aspect that really stood out. He talked about the fact that chivalry is dying among our Muslim men. Some Muslim men have a misunderstanding of how they should treat their Sisters in Islam. For instance, if a Muslim man sees a sister trip and fall, his first instinct should not be to walk away because it's haram for him to touch her or speak to her. The best thing to do in that situation is to help her up, even if it requires him to touch her. Allah knows  his intentions, so in circumstances such as these, women and men can interact past normal boundaries. He also talked about parenting and the relationship between a husband and a wife. If you've never heard a lecture by Suhaib Webb I advise you to check out him  out on youtube and to visit his website!

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