Monday, May 30, 2011

"The Sunnah, The Better"

"There is not a thing more stranger than the Sunnah. And what is more stranger than it, is the one who knows it." -Yoonus Ibn ‘Ubayd, rahimahullaah 

SubhanAllah, I adore this quote so much. MashAllah, in such a well put together way, the beauty of the sunnah is explained. I never understood the beauty of what it meant to follow the sunnah until I saw with my own eyes those that did follow it. Some Muslims down play the sunnah, and push it to the side as though it is not of great importance. When a brother grows his beard out according to the sunnah of the Prophet pbuh, that is beautiful. Like the quote says, the sunnah is the greatest stranger, therefore by growing his beard out, the brother is a stranger, and what pleases Allah more than that? I have a lot of respect for those that go out of their way to do things according to the sunnah, from the way that they dress to the manner in which they eat. MashAllah, I hope to one increase my practices according to the sunnah inshAllah. 

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