Friday, May 13, 2011

Capster Product Review

Runner sport hijab [22,50 euro or approx.$30]
I got my Capster in the mail all the way from the Netherlands, and I am super excited! Hijabi Fashion Week was contacted by Capsters® and was offered free sports scarves as a promotion deal and I was lucky enough to be offered a free scarf. Let me give you my first impression of the Capster after having tried it on a couple times to get a feel for it. I LOVE it and want to order more soon to include them in my work out wear collection. It's so light, you can hardly feel it when you wear it. One of my major concerns when working out with a hijab on is that a scarf is too tight or too heavy. That makes me uncomfortable and makes working out a lot more difficult.  Capsters hijabs come in all different colors and types, so you'll have many options to choose from. I chose the black and gray Runner, which is made of "breathable" material and is light weight. It allows you to "transpire easily and keeps you cool," which I love so much. Be sure to check out all the awesome outfits (including sports) during Hijabi Fashion Week [May 30th-June 5th] and also take a look at!

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