Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh iPhone Where Art Thou?

Not trynna be materialistic, but I really want an iPhone. The other day, a friend and I were lost (like really lost) and we started to get frustrated, so we stopped two random people on the street to ask for directions. Now, when I normally ask for directions, people normally give me the usual, "I don't really know but..." which usually leads me to get even more lost, and having to ask more people for directions. Anyways, this time was different. Instead of giving us made up directions, this person simply pulled out their iPhone, typed in the address of our destination, and within seconds pulled up a mapped out direction to the place we were headed to. How cool is that? Another reason I want the iPhone is for the apps. All my phone does is text and send and receive calls. Could you imagine having the athan and other Islamic apps on your phone? Now that I'm done explaining how bad I want an iPhone, I'm going to go back to reality because at this point the chance of me getting an iPhone is not likely. My status=Jobless, unfortunetly but alhamdulilah for everything. I'm going to take this jobless time in my life to do something productive inshAllah. Look out for a list of all the wonderful things I'll be doing this summer inshAllah because with 3 months of free time to go, the opportunities look endless. 

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