Friday, May 13, 2011

"Adrienne" by Malcolm Hassan Avant

This beautiful piece was written by Brother Malcolm Hassan Avant about his father's mother Adrienne C. Paige. He wrote it as a tribute to her and as a "recollection" of all the things they used to do while growing up in Chicago. She passed away from a spinal tumor. During the period of her illness she stayed with him and his family and passed away in their home. SubhanAllah, she took her Shahada ten minutes before she passed away at the beginning of a Friday [after maghrib on a Thursday evening]. This piece is incredibly inspirational and I take it as a touching reminder that even at the last moment of your life, if Allah wishes to guide you, He will. 
Soft, was the voice that fell from your lips,
Love, is the feeling I'll never forget, and
Gentle, was the touch of your palm on my forehead
How you did it, I'll never understand,
But with your nurturing,
I grew up to be this man

Late night evenings, at your flat on the Southside
47th and Winchester, street name forever branded in my mind
Scooby-doo, Thundercats, your mushy soap operas that made me gag
I'd give up anything I have, to relive the moments of the past

As I was growing up, you were always my motivation
Your sparkling smile, your bubbly laughter,
from you I took my inspiration
Devotedly, totally
I loved you wholeheartedly, you meant the world to me

It happened so suddenly,
a blink of the eye and you began to fade
They tried to treat it with chemotherapy, but for all fate's path has been paved

You took your last breath on a Friday, Yawm Al Jumuah, that blessed day
"La illaha illallah" was the last thing I heard you say
 White and pure was your soul, your sins were washed away,
and though I wished you stayed
I knew that with Allah's grace you were destined for a better place

Its been ten years and still I reminiscence,
About the good times we had, your charm, your wit
 never forgotten are the words you left me with
"You can do anything you set your mind to"  keeps me from ever giving in

The silver bracelet was a parting gift,
I wear it as a tribute, it never leaves my wrist
"Adrienne C. Paige" are the words carved on it,
But the true inscription was on my heart
Grammy A,
Your love
I'll never forget

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