Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week

As May approaches, I will now be preparing to participate in Hijabi Fashion Week. Hijabi Fashion Week is an international online event dedicated to celebrating modest fashion. The event draws readers from over 70 countries around the world. This year, HFW will be packed full of inspiration for women that choose to dress modestly.Bloggers will be showcasing their style for 7 days, under different categories. The categories are a surprise, so I can't tell you too much on what to expect, but get excited for what's to come :)

I looked up some stylish fashion shots to draw inspiration from for HFW! 
If you haven't noticed, blazers are just every where these days. In all different shades too, so  don't stick to the typical black or white blazer anymore. Explore all your options. 
Nothing says classiness like flower prints
Black & White=Instant Sophistication. I'll be sure to add some sophistication and class to the looks I put together for HWF!
No outfit is complete without accessories 
Hijabified Beach Look
I absolutely love love love high waisted pants. [just don't forget to cover your booty, if you'll be rockin' that look]
Like I said blazers are EVERYWHERE
If your a hijabi, you know maxi dresses are a must. I'm yet to buy new ones for this season, but trust me I will be getting on that soon inshAllah. 

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