Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh The Beauty of Duaa

This morning I woke up to some much anticipated news, grades were up! :O...I've been compulsively checking every day hoping that the university had made grades viewable so that I could stop worrying and start my summer vacation with peace of mind. As I rushed to check my grades I read ayat al kursi over and over again to calm my nerves. I said Bismillah and took a glimpse at my grades. Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah, all praise is truly due to God :).  Without Him, I would not have been able to pull two all nighters in a row or been able to maintain my hope/sanity when the situation seemed hopeless. SubhanAllah, I've never seen myself work so hard in my life and it is all because of Allah. There was a moment even before finals where I lost all hope completely because it felt as though my hard work had gone to waste. This quote is what kept me going on and reminded me to turn to Allah when it seemed as though hope was lost. 
"When Allah tests you it is never to destroy you, When He removes something in your possession, it is (only) in order to empty your hands for an even greater gift! [Ibn al-Qayyim]
I received many life lessons this semester, but among the greatest lessons I learned is to always rely on Allah, because through Him anything is possible. Allah truly determines your grades in the end, not your professor. Your professor merely gives you your grade, but it is through Allah that you are able to succeed and to achieve your full potential. 

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