Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years 2011 Outfit Ideas

As new years eve is quickly approaching, the question of what to wear is looming over us, right!? Well, at least for some of you who are planning to go out for New Years or to just stay in and avoid the massive crowds of hoodlums (hehe ;)) in the streets, it's important to choose a cute outfit cuz it is new years after all. Anywho, what are your plans this new years evening?? My plans are to go out with my family, have a nice dinner, (attempt) to see the fire works in D.C, and come home inshAllah. My original plans were a bit different, but I'm content with what ended up happening in the end. The fact that my plans fell through gave me the opportunity to spend a new years with my family, something I won't have the chance to do pretty soon. Here are the outfit choices I promised earlier :)

                                               Party Outfits

I've been dying for the opportunity to post this GORGEOUS look up and I finally got the chance!!!
Muy Elegente, Si senioritas muy bonitas?

Not hijab, BUT this dress is so cute, you HAVE to try and experiment with a blazer or cardigan of some sort, right?

                                                     Chillyo New Year

This look is just right, it's very simple and cute
These rich colors, turquoise and burgundy will look beautiful at night time.
Have I posted this look before? Idk, if I did, it tells you how much I love this outfit. This is probably my favorite casual new years outfit.

I'll be back after new years inshAllah with my new years outfit!


  1. These outfits are stunning. I love the last one especially (it's very beautiful).

    Have fun with your family and Happy New Years!

  2. LOVE.THESE.OUTFITS. Super cute ideas, I feel inspired haha