Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best Freestyle to Ever Go Down

Zarar- Praises Due To The Most High
Me- Ameen brotha ameen naw mean ice cream so fresh n so clean serene i can rap better than abir naw just playeen salamalakeem. my rap is bad the best you eva had. better than billy's stir fry that is he does the biz so nice errydayy..sirachi and fried rice is straight fiyahhh. zarar ma dude reply, cuz what i said wasn't a lie, you already know how we do, you me and the crew, erryday reppin up in the med room, inshAllah i see you up in jannah soon, prayin to Allah the most high, he's higher than the sky, answerin our duaas just cuz, forgiven errythang that we does. iight imma go study, me and my buddy the calaculator usin your math finite book. n dont forget to bring my bio book cuz if you don't its not gonna be a good look.
Zarar- sista ima give you a kudos for yo lil rap, but if u thought i wouldnt respond well then you might as well be on crack, ima bring you that bio book girl hear me out, chill out dont charge no dolla bills or dont start a bout, and forreal doe put cho name out there on the map, muslim nicki minaj and its a wrap, so stacked, is our clique full of spitters, them other haters stand still and look bitter, ya heard haha..
Me- ohh shoot brotha zarar on the status..ight check it. so you "tried" to out do me wit your lil rap. lets thank Allah for that. its ight but let me teach you a lil sumthin sumthin. my rhymes are out of this world, off the map, but obviously you aint ready for this hijabi attack. i ain't a terrorist but your rhymes have just been hijacked. i'm up in the studio while you stay on your garage band mac. its not ma fault i'm nice like that. its that new muslim nicki minaj rap.asalamalaykum no oink oink for you. halal is the only thing that we do. thats why we don't have no boo, unless he trynna complete the deen so ya rab guide us on the sirat al mustaqeem. na mean ameen
Zarartooo fresh lemme applaud you for that, i aint even know you could spit like that, i dont like to lose but im not messin up ur vibe, but chu know i got good grades to strive, for, and ur lil rap was straight fiyah to the core, just know im holdin back and got alot more in store, but its a lil late, and ima throw up the freestyle dueces, till we continue this again cuz i know u got yo rapper juices, flowin, like the Nile, and im readin this status and its comments and im in denial lollll...

To Be Continued...


  1. o.o! wow this was awesome! srsly loved reading it. dint know you could rap like that mashallah! cant wait to see more :]

  2. was a spur of the moment thing, but lots of fun