Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 ❤

Alhamdulilah in 2010 I had many accomplishments, so here's a list of what I remember happened this year :)
  • Declared my major (finally)---International Affairs & Women and Gender Studies
  • Traveled to Sudan and survived a vacation without my grandfather (may he rest in peace) being there
  • Had my one year anniversary with my hijab Alhamdulilah [November 23rd 2009]
  • Renamed my blog from Peace of Mind to Beauty of Islam--best decision ever
  • Gained a new set of brothers and sisters--they taught me what it means to truly love a group of people for the sake of Allah
  • Witnessed my first conversion to Islam; Little did I know this convert would become one of my closest friends and a daily inspiration to me.
  • Deleted all the music off of my ipod like I promised Allah---Alhamdulilah one month now
  • Featured on Hijab Style :)
  • Attended the Native Deen & Maher Zain Night of Inspiration concert with the best group of people
  • Learned what it means to truly give up something for the sake of Allah
  • Learned what it means to be a stranger
  • Had a beautiful experience fasting part of Ramadan in Sudan---it's not as difficult as everyone makes it to be.
  •  Met a woman that taught me the real beauty of Islam and she touched my life, along with many others MashAllah
  • Attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.
  • Learned that people need to be loved most when they least deserve it
  • Fell in love---with Islam
I hope to have more accomplishments in 2011. From this point on, only changes for the better InshAllah ❤


  1. Nice Blog Riham. I'm Impressed. :)

  2. Islam aint the only thing you fell in love with ;)

  3. beautiful post, inshallah 2011 will be as eventful for you : )

    You made my top 5 favourite blogs of 2010!!

    Linked here:

    Please take the picture as a mini reward and add it to your blog if you like :D

    I look forward to more posts in 2011
    Take care inshallah!

    (i hope you see this comment!)

  4. JazakAllah Kheir!! I really appreciate it and will deff post your picture iA, and choose my top 5 :)

  5. mashaa Allah Riham, but you forget one big accomplishment, you have passed biology even though you thought you wouldn't be able too.