Friday, December 31, 2010

JazakAllah Kheir Yara for choosing Beauty of Islam as one of your top five blogs of 2010. InshAllah, I hope you enjoy my 2011 posts even more :)

My top five blogs of 2010:
1) Love Always, Aisha by Ashi
3) My Life Is A Poem by Maryam Noori
4) My Amethyst by Shae Syahirah

When I log onto Blogspot, these are some of the first blogs I read. These bloggers never fail to post an interesting post to keep me hooked mashAllah.


  1. oh that is so lovely of you, ive had a pretty horrible day at work...this has put a smile on my face =D

  2. You're welcome sis : )

    I was following 1 + 5 myself, but now i'm following the others too!

  3. oh my goodness, I'm beyond flattered right now :) Thank you for reading! I love your site, as well. You always have the loveliest posts!

  4. you both deserve it..keep blogging :)

  5. Thank you lil sis for the love. It definitely made my heart smile! Your blog is amazing as well as the other blogs you mentioned. Keep up the great work ladies and may He give you all that you ask for and more. Ameen.

    Love & Peace

  6. I love your blog...nice posts and keep blogging