Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Say Alhamdulilah

I love nights where I can just chill with my Muslim brothers and sisters...who happen to be extremely talented! A lot of people have the perception that Muslims just stay home on weekends and do basically nothing because "everything" is haram. That is not the case what so ever, at least not for me and the people I know. I actually think we go out just as much as anyone else. This weekend was my friends birthday so we decided to go to a hiphop show. I know what your thinking, how's that halal.1 Truth, an up and coming nasheed group gave an amazing performance as one of the opening acts for Leftist, another Muslim artist you have to check out. The group is made up of Ahmed Trabelsi, Yunos Amireh, and Ebadullah Ebadi. Listen to their latest nasheed!
1 Truth

Ahmed Trabelsi
                                                                        Yunos Amireh
Other performances included poetry, rapping, singing, and break dancing. The show was packed to the max with talent so this was definitely worth the drive for me. 
Leftist & Free Spirit 

Hassan and Abir's collaboration
Zainab Jackson showcased her caligraphy paintings. MashAllah, they were so beautiful I had to purchase one for my mother. 

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