Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to Africa

  I'll admit I haven't always been a fan of the turban style, but it's just everywhere today. Even my sister who doesn't wear hijab is rockin it.  I couldn't ignore it! Both hijabis and non-hijabis are doin' it. It's not the look for me, although some people can really work it. I know the looks posted here are not 100 percent hijab SO on that note, sistas, don't forget to cover your neck and ears and chest. It's really easy to dress modestly and look beautiful, so don't let the whispers of shaitan convince you that it's okay to show some body parts and to cover others. I'm not claiming to be perfect in that area, although I try my best to wear the hijab properly (God forgive me if I slip up). My point is, work the turban style if you please, but don't forget the reason your wearing the hijab in the first place.
   A lot of sisters get so caught up in trying to be "fashionable" that they neglect certain body parts that they should be covering.  If you continue to not wear the hijab properly, you'll notice your faith decreasing. Think about it this way---if you cover up properly for the sake of Allah, than your imaan will increase because you are pleasing Allah. I personally notice that on days where I feel like my jeans are tighter than usual or my chest isn't fully covered, my imaan drops. How do you expect to increase your faith if your not following the rules Allah has given you? 
  Anyway, I've digressed. but InshAllah I didn't offend anyone. I'm just trynna look out for my sisters and hopefully they'll do the same for me. 

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