Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I left my ❤ [HEART] in Sudan

  As I'm writing my foreign policy paper on the Sudan referendum, I can't help but feel sadness for my country. My research tells me that the secession is for the best, but my heart tells me it's not. It didn't hit me until now what a great impact this will have the Sudanese people. I wonder what my late grandfather would have thought about this. I wonder what my uncle Allah Yirhamu would have reacted to this news. He gave his life for Sudan, and Sudan didn't repay him back for his efforts. It rather merely gave up and broke away. 
Photos that made me smile---Sudan  
There's nothing as beautiful as the essence of a Sudanese woman
Ancient Pyramids of Meroe in Sudan
Friday Sufi's (mystics) in Omdurman, Sudan [my hometown <3]
Michael Kuany, Founder of Rebuild Sudan 
Sudan is one of those places where strangers become like family in an instance
A woman and her child in Southern Sudan on the 6th day of the Independence referendum vote
P.S.--it was nearly impossible for me to find positive images of Sudan on the net, but luckily I found some after intense searching. That tells you something about the media. Sudan is a beautiful place, some people just like to highlight it's negative attributes only. 

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