Monday, March 14, 2011

SubhanAllah---Ayat Allah

Qur’an: ”Does man think We cannot assemble his bones? Nay, We are able to put together in perfect order the very tip of his fingers” [Surah 73: 3-4]
I just had a subhanAllah moment! Everyday, I grow more and more in awe of The Quran. There are so many signs around us to serve as proof to the existence of Allah The Almighty, but we choose to ignore those signs and to belittle them. I'm sure there are people out there that are going to take this example and attempt to explain it scientifically, but I doubt they can explain how it is possible that anyone could have predicted the "uniqueness" of a fingerprint. The Quran was revealed 1,400 years ago and the significance of fingerprints was not discovered until the 18th century. The Quran is a miracle all in its self and a gift to humanity so that they may be guided through Allah's will. 

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