Monday, January 31, 2011

"Why Do I Sin?"- Aly Zakaria

Why do I sin?
Why do I listen to that Jinn?
Why do I let him in?
Inside my head
Where he can manipulate everything
Starting with the small things
And going to the ones that are big
Khalas, it is over, I won’t let him win
So why do I sin?
Is it something within?
Is it a part of me?
A part that want to see
A part that want to experience
What is in Allah’s eyes so hideous
Khalas, it is done
I am getting out my water gun
To clean out my heart
From everything that is hurt
So why do I sin?
Looks like I am still the same
Running after this dunnia, and its fame
I turned out to be so lame
Thinking that life is just a game
But it is not
Life is a test
To find out who among us is the best
In this dunnia we are just guests
Traveling to meet the best of the best
Whose mercy covered the earth from the east to the west
Yet I still sin
But it is ok
Because with Allah’s mercy
There is still a chance that I might win
Oh Allah, you are the most forgiving
Please forgive us for forgetting
Everything to us You have given

By Aly Zakaria

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