Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to Catch Up

I've been away all weekend, so I did not have time to keep up with the 30 day photo challenge, but don't you worry cuz i'm about to catch up!

Day 14: Someone You Can't Imagine Your Life Without

Ummi, Ummi, Ummi! I simply love my mother. She is my other half, my protector, my everything. MashAllah, I'm so blessed to have a woman as amazing as her in my life, and I pray that Allah keeps blessing me. I could go on and on, but I'm gonna leave it at that. Alhamdulilah for mothers :)

A man once asked the Prophet to whom he should show the most kindness. The Prophet replied: “Your mother, next your mother, next your mother, and then your father.” (Sunan of Abu-Dawood) In other words, we must treat our mothers in a manner befitting their exalted position - and, again, revere the wombs that bore us.

Day 15: Something You Want to Do Before You Die

Hajj is an obligation for every able Muslim, so I pray that I have the opportunity to make hajj at least once during my lifetime. 

Day 16: Someone Who inspires you

My role model is the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. He is the example for all man kind and inshAllah everyday we should strive to do as the Prophet pbuh did.

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