Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Back :)

I have not really been blogging for the past couple of weeks due to my intense school work load, but I finally found a small amount of time to just lay down and do what I love to do aka blogging! To get myself back into the swing of things, I decided to jump into the 30 day photo challenge that I have missed out on for over a week now, but I'll do my best to catch up inshAllah.

Day 1: 1 Photo and 15 Facts

1) I can't cook, but I want to learn very soon iA
2) I love my three siblings---they made my childhood special <3
3) The three women in this photo are the most inspirational women in my life Alhamdulilah
4) I worry more than I should about things I can not control
5) I'm deathly afraid of all animals no matter how cute and fluffy they are
6) If you told me 2 years ago that I would be wearing the hijab in college, I would never have believed you in a bazillion years, but Alhamdulilah things worked out the way they did.
7) I'm a night person and get my work done best when everyone else is asleep
8) InshAllah, my dream is to live in the middle east for at least a small portion of my life
9) I'm really weird, random, and silly, call it what you want, but i'm happy with the way I am Alhamdulilah :)
10) quotes always explain my life perfectly 
11) The Sound of Music reminds me of my childhood and it's also one of my favorite movies
12) My pet peeve would be ego/arrogance
13) Love Arabic movies <3
14) Turquoise is my favorite color
15) I'm Sudanese and Proud! Alhamdulilah

Day 2: Person I am Closest to the Longest

Even though we had many ups and downs throughout high school, my sister has proved to be my best friend. As kids, we were pretty much inseparable and even now that we are 100 miles away from each other, I can still say that we are close (maybe even closer) than ever Alhamdulilah. I've learned throughout my life that no one can understand me better than my sister and I'm glad to have learned that listen at this point in my life. 

Day 3: Cast of Favorite TV Show

I grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and I still watch it whenever its on t.v., even though I've seen every episode at least a dozen times. No other show is as funny as this one, and I hope they keep playing re-runs cuz I can see myself watching this with my kids lol inshAllah. 

Day 4: What I Want to Do Again

I want to go back to Sudan and have things be the way they were during the summer of 2008, but I know it can't be that way. If I had it my way, I would go back to that summer redo things in a different way---I would have spent more time with my family (especially my grandfather may he rest in peace), spent less time complaining and been more appreciative, and I would have spent more time learning about my Sudan's history as one country. 

I wish I could go back to this day and this time period in general. Second semester of freshman year was one of the best times of my life and was filled with a lot of positive changes. I made amazing friend Alhamdulilah and I am grateful for all the amazing memories I got a chance to make.

Day 5: Something I Love

I love the Quran, especially this sourat, which is Sourat Yaseen. Sourat Yaseen was the first major sourat I memorized Alhamdulilah. For some odd reason, I thought it was impossible to memorize a sourat of that length and I thought it was too big of a goal for me, but Alhamdulilah I proved myself wrong and I did what I set out to do, and along the way I also fell in love with the sourat MashAllah.

Day 6: A Picture That Makes Me Laugh I know this picture doesn't look funny to you, but to me its hilarious! This is a photo of the Islamic Student Association at my school, taken during the first couple days of Ramadan at one of our fast breakers. This photo makes me laugh because I never thought I would have gotten so close to the people in this photo and I just wanna smile every time I think about how lucky I am to have gotten to know them so well Alhamdulilah. 

Day 7: Person I Do the Silliest Things With

I know this says to choose one person, but I couldn't do that because there are about 5 people I act the silliest with, and I just happen to have the perfect photo of us on our silly adventures. This photo was taken during eid (my first eid away from home), and if it wasn't for these girls, than my eid would have not been the same at all.

Day 8: A Picture of My Hero

I can never follow the rules can I ;)...anywhoo, I chose my grandmother and my mother as my heroes. My mom came from my grandma, so of course I just couldn't choose one without also choosing the other. Both of these women are such an inspiration to me mashAllah, and I love them so much. They are my heroes and have set a great example for me on how to be the best "lady" I can be. 

Day 9: Picture of You and a Picture of the Person Who Got You Through the Most

My family has gotten me through a lot, but as I entered college I also gained a new family. This is a photo of me and one of my sisters at my home away from home. This girl is amazing mashAllah, she is absolutely beautiful inside and out; she helped me make it through so many obstacles as my life was changing and she inspired me to want to be the best Muslimah. All I can say is MashAllah TabarakAllah, cuz I don't wanna do her the slightest bit of harm, but I love here to death. One more thing...Wiwi and Riri for life haha


  1. Hi!

    I too have started doing the 30 day Challenge!!

    [[ ]]

    I'm new to blogging and am already loving it!!

    Hope to follow along with your challenge!!

    - Mel ♥

  2. I'm the same on: 4, 7, 8, and 9 :D
    I love fresh prince too
    ..And welcome back!