Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yaz The Spaz

If you're a hijabi and anything like me, you're probably constantly seeking hijabi inspiration. It's not easy wearing hijab, especially in the West where stores fail to cater to modest dressers. Finding a hijabi to look up to and gain inspiration from is always a treat, so I wanted to share with you a cute mahajabah who's style impressed me. Introducing Yasemin Kanar a half Cuban half turkish girl living in the U.S., otherwise known as Yaz The Spaz.  She is a Hijab, Make-up and Fashion Consultant, and....a professional fondant cake decorator! She can show you dozens of ways to wrap your scarf and also how to dress. These are some of her hijab styles that I loved the most.
Traditional Wrap
Although this is just a traditional wrap, I really love it. It has a very clean finish to it and it's so simple and easy, but very classy at the same time. Whether your just starting to wear the hijab or have been wearing it for years, this is probably the style you'll wear your hijab in the most.

Wedding Hijab Style

This style gets a bit complicated, but i'm sure you can style it to your liking. I love the way she twisted the hijab and wrapped it into a side bun. This is a style I would love to wear at a party. 

Blue Zebra Hijab Style
I really love the coverage this style gives. At times it can be hard to find a style that looks really good and covers well. I wear this hijab style a lot and I really like it. To gain more coverage on your neck use pins to hold it down. That's a mistake I make a lot, but thanks to Yaz's tutorial on this style I learned how to keep my scarf from shifting and exposing my neck. 
Playful Turban Style
This is the turban style hijab you may have seen before. I've seen this style worn by many people, but I never tried it before. I love how she wore it and how she covered her neck and didn't make this hijab style look so dramatic. It's very playful and fun and seems easy to wrap. I actually plan to try this style some time. 
Side Ruffle Hijab Look
This is a style I probably would have never thought about trying but after watching the tutorial I found it easy and really cute. I need to go buy more turtle necks first lol. 
Hijab Twist with Hood Effect
This is probably my favorite hijab style out of all the ones I showed you today. Once again I love the coverage and it helps that its really cute too. It looks confusing but the tutorial really helps. I'm definetly gonna try this style out and I'm so excited cuz it's casual and I can wear it to uni once classes start next week :). 

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