Thursday, January 19, 2012


Lately what has been on my mind is the concept of loss. We’ve all experienced that painful feeling where we feel an uncanny emptiness in our heart because someone is no longer a part our life. It’s a terrible feeling, but if we look beyond that sadness we’re experiencing, i’m convinced that we can find beauty. 
I once heard that those people that spend the least amount of time in our lives have the greatest impact. I believe that to be true because I’ve had this happen many times in my life. About two and a half years ago I met a friend that drastically changed my life. MashAllah, not only did she positively impact my life, but she impacted countless other people’s lives around me. SubhanAllah, Allah placed her in my life at a time when I really needed someone and she was there. Allah swt works in beautiful and mysterious ways and by having her there to support and encourage me, my life was changed. Sadly, she was only in my life for a year and now lives thousands of miles away, but alhamdulilah 3la kulu hal.
Allah also blessed me with someone else who I truly grew to love. When I met that person, I didn’t know they would become such an important part of my life, but surprisingly they did. They helped me during some of the toughest and most defining moments of my life. In a way I depended on them…and they too also left my life. While I was sad and still am, I’m learning to look beyond that and to realize that there is a wisdom behind everything that Allah swt does. In a way, I feel as though that persons purpose in my life is now complete and that I need to move on to something else Allah has prepared me for. I don’t know what it is yet, but I know that it will be great God Willing. 
Sometimes the people we want so badly to remain in our lives are not meant to stay for whatever reason. Not because we did something wrong, but because what we think is best for us now sometimes is what corrupts us. So set yourself free and accept what Allah has decreed for you because after all, He does know best. 

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