Monday, January 16, 2012

Spring Semester Aspirations

[Long Sigh] it is almost time to head back to school. I'll be leaving in the next few hours to face my impending destiny...Alright I'm being dramatic, but I am really really really not looking forward to this semester. As of right now, I'm taking 18 tough credits and it doesn't help that one of my closest friends won't be there to help keep me sane :/. I'll get through it though inshAllah, I know it. I did really well last semester, so I refuse to let myself undue all the hard work i've done in the past. To keep myself on track, I made a list of aspirations I have for myself this semester. 
- Make Fajr Everyday on Time (InshAllah!) 
- Finish Memorizing Up to the Half Way Point of Sourat al Baqara (InshAllah InshAllah InshAllah)
- Gym It Up
- Eat Healthy Food
- Start Couponing to Save Extra Money
- Succeed Academically
- Volunteer/Give to Charity
- Focus on My Personal Growth
- Find a Summer Internship 
- Blog more on Heaven is Where the Heart is-Beauty of Islam :) (blogging keeps me sane)
- Drink More Tea and Less Coffee (i'm an addict I tell ya)

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