Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food for Thought

"When we are born, the adhaan (Muslim call to prayer) is given but there is no salat (prayer). When we die, salat is prayed but there is no adhaan. The adhaan given at the time of our birth is the adhaan for the salat prayed at the time of our death. That is how short life is- the time between adhaan and salat. So hate none, love all, pray sincerely, forgive genuinely and pray your salats before the salat is prayed for you."
Oh subhanAllah I've never thought of life and death in that way. Whenever I remember death, it's as though this life doesn't matter anymore. The plans I had for myself that once seemed so important, don't even matter anymore. I think that moment when death arrives, will be like that. Right now, the dreams we have for ourselves of one day getting a good job, getting married, and having kids all seem so important. We think we will be devastated if we fail to experience those things we had planed for ourselves, but something tells me it won't be like that. If we live our lives right, than maybe we won't miss those things when it's finally time. Life is short, and when it's time to's time to go. If we are prepared, than our dream of one day traveling the world won't matter because we will God willing have paradise under which rivers flow. Forever doesn't  even begin to compare to now. Deen over duniya always. 

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