Friday, August 19, 2011

East Africa in Crisis

Across East Africa, 13 million people are enduring the worst drought in  60 years. Over 400,000 refugees reside in the largest refugee camp in Kenya. According to the United Nations, $1.4 billion dollars in addition to what's already been donated, is needed to assist those suffering from the East African crisis. SubhanAllah, we are now approaching the last ten days of Ramadan. For about 20 days now, we have been pushing away our hunger from sunrise to sunset, only to eat a more than filling iftaar at the end of the day. It's sad that everyday we know that at sunset we will have a meal, while our brothers and sisters in Somalia have to face the fact that some nights, there will be no food or water. Let us be thankful to Allah swt for providing us with the resources to survive and live comfortable lives but let us also give. Sacrifice a a few dollars or more to help feed a family for even one day. More than often, we convince ourselves that we need the money more and that inshAllah we will donate some other time. The time to donate is now. For everyday that passes, more lives are lost and for everyday that passes where we fail to remember those less fortunate, the reward from Allah swt is lost as well . Islamic Relief is an amazing organization that has quickly been responding to the crisis in The Horn of Africa. To donate visit Islamic Relief USA.
Source: Nick Turse
Source: Ceramics Now
Source: The Zeitgeist Movement

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