Friday, October 29, 2010

Ego: Our Greatest Enemy

Today I attended Friday prayer at my university and once again the Brother delivered an amazing khutbah. The khutbah this week discussed the matters of ego and pride, also known as riyaa. Ego and pride are issues that many Muslim youth face and the saddest part is that not many realize it. Discovering one's inner ego and pride takes serious self-reflection, and even then it's difficult to truly detect riyaa in one's heart.
  The Muslim youth are most susceptible to arrogance because they find themselves becoming very "passionate" about their faith and they start to believe that they are the most knowledgeable. They believe they have the right to correct knowledgeable figures such as imams and their parents, but they don't realize that part of humility is listening to others first. When they see others doing wrong, they take it upon themselves to "forbid evils," but they go about it in a conceited manner not realizing that they are being hypocritical themselves.
  We all go through periods where we try to make others happy and ultimately we find ourselves doing things for people's sake, rather than Allah's sake. Every time you're in a battle with your ego remember that Allah boasts to his angel's about those servants of his that are constantly in His remembrance.

 I ask Allah SWT to keep all egotistical and satanic traits away from our hearts and to help us realize all respect is due to Him alone.

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