Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's that time of year again

It's October, meaning its Mid-terms time. For the past week, my nights have been spent at the library with my cup of coffee at one hand and of course my books at the other, or at least they should be. I haven't really been stressed out lately but it's just hitting me that I have a Biology Exam next week. Alhamdulilah though, I'm glad that this realization is coming to me a week before the exam, not the night before or else I would not be on here blogging. Did I mention how much of an obsession blogging has turned into for me. It's so relaxing just getting online and typing away my thoughts. Thank God for that or I would not be sane right now. Well here's a nice photo to keep  me strong and stress-free on my track towards gaining my Undergraduate Degree InshAllah, enjoy!

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