Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"To love is to risk not being loved in return"

I've never been in love, but thinking about it has made me realize that loving someone is a very big risk as are a lot of things in life. The difference between telling someone you love them and any other risk, is that this hits you deep in your heart. Imagine if you really did love someone and you finally got the courage to let them know, but they didn't love you in return. In this case, is love really worth the risk afterall?

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  1. True Love will never really forsake you--alot of people think that's a fantasy mentalilty, but it's not. When you've fallen in love with that one person, while it is a huge risk to say I Love You, it's an even bigger risk to not say it at all. Sometimes in a situation where you say you love someone and you do not get it in return, it is very hard absolutely. But it will probably cause more heartache and headache thinking about what would have happened if you had said it. But at the same time, after saying it that first time, afterwards, it's very important to say it through your actions. Actions speak Louder than Words.