Monday, February 28, 2011

Reader Insights

I try to go through my suggestions box as often as possible and write posts based on the ideas you guys give me. Sometimes I get really silly suggestions, but other times I get really interesting comments that I know I have to use on my blog. I recently received an anonymous suggestion from a girl asking me to write about how one can revert to Islam, as she stated she was interested in becoming a Muslim. Before I write about the basics of converting to Islam, I just wanted to tell who ever sent me the suggestion to email me so I can send them more detailed information and help them on their quest to joining the Muslim Ummah inshAllah. 

Who Can Become A Muslim?
 Anyone can become a Muslim! Islam is a faith for all of humanity and is not limited to a certain culture, ethnicity, or race. You don't need any one's permission to become a Muslim because this is between you and your Lord. 

How does one become a Muslim? 
Once a person realizes in their heart that Islam is the truth, than they should take their shahada as soon as they can. The reversion to Islam should not be delayed because we all know that life is short. In order to become a Muslim, you must pronounce the shahada (the declaration of faith), which is "Ash-Hadu Anla Elaha Illa-Allah Wa Ash-Hadu Anna Mohammadan Rasul Allah". When you say the shahada you are saying "I bear witness that there is no deity worthy to be worshiped but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger." 

How does one declare the shahada? 
 The shahada is not required to be declared in a mosque, although it is recommended. If one does not have access to a mosque, than they should call someone or go see someone and pronounce the shahada in front of them. If they can't find someone to witness their declaration, than they can say the shahada to themselves. Allah knows what is in our hearts therefore he knows the true state of our faith. Once one decides that they want to say the testimony, they need to say it from deep within their heart and mean it because it is not enough to only say the words. 

What happens after the shahada is said?
Some people fear that by becoming a Muslim they need to immediately begin the process of becoming the next big sheikh, but that is not true. Converts need to take it slow, they need to take their time getting adjusted to the religion, but by taking their time, I don't mean taking all the time in the world. Just say bismillah (in the name of Allah), do your part today and let Allah take care of tomorrow. As soon as you say your shahada, all your past sins are forgiven and you are given a brand new slate, you become in the same sinless state of being that you were the day you were born.

How does one deal with the issues that arise after the conversion?
Many  times converts find that as soon as they convert everyone around them is excited and more than willing to help, but soon enough they realize that the hardships they face are greater than they expected. This is absolutely normal! Allah tests those whom He loves, so stay strong during the period after your conversion and remain in close contact with the Muslim community at the local mosque as they will be there to help you with your struggles. Don't let shaitan (satan) get to you because he hates it when people are guided towards Islam. Lastly, Keep in mind the reasons you initially reverted to Islam, as shaitan and people will try to make you forget why you are Muslim.

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