Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 19: A Picture And A Letter

~This is for you~

  When I first met you, there was a definite instant connect that I noticed immediately. Your personality was so captivating and your kindness was beautiful; I couldn't help but want to get to know you better. I don't know if I've ever told you how much I appreciate you and how much I love your character and everything about you. What I love most about you is your love for Allah and Islam in general.
   When I think back to my journey in Islam, you were a major factor in it and I'm very grateful Alhamduililah. When I think about the best people I know, you always come to mind mashAllah. Your one of the funniest people I know and your a joy to be around. You are a person of immense caliber that I have an utmost respect for on many levels. 
  May Allah SWT preserve you inshAllah and I hope that I can always have you be a part of my life and I can always be a part of yours.

Yours Truly,