Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh You Fancy Huh?

You know what makes me smile and tingle all over? The sight of a beautifully put together fancy going-out outfit. There are so many elegant outfits out there, but as hijabis we need to put a little more effort in to make them look hijab approved. Long Dresses and skirts are definitely options we need to take advantage of because nothing is more modest than a loose dress. Don't be afraid to accessorize your hijab or accessorize period! Keep it simple though; If you are going to accessorize your hijab keep the rest of your outfit simple, or vise versa. Anyways, I came across these fancy hijabi photos and I would like to share them with you :)

Every girl should own at least one pink item in her closet. This
color is so girly, but also sophisticated and the jewelry on her
wrists and on her hijab make for a beautiful exotic look.
Have you ever tried placing pearls in your hijab? Neither have I, but
after seeing this look I definitely will. This piece along with the others
is a Rizalman Ibrahim design. check him out!
The earrings and the jewel embellishment on the arms of the dress make for
a very pretty look. 
I love this shade of blue and the matching scarf.  The scarf tied back
along with the turtle neck is a very good modest style option.
This reminds me of the perfect hijab beach
dress because of the flow of the silky dress.
I don't know if I would go shopping in this outfit,
but this is a beautiful going out to dinner/party outfit.
"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" - Coco Chanel

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