Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hijab Style Obsession: Lace it up

For the longest time i've been looking for lace underscarves and guess what I FINALLY GOT THEM. My lovely aunt somehow read my mind and sent them from Sudan for me. They're absolutely gorgeous and a great way to make your  pashmina look a little bit more exciting.

                A couple examples of how you should be wearin' your lace

If your gonna wear lace underneath your hijab,
than this is definitely the way to do it. Talitha
Faqia is setting trends by showing that the styles
hijab can be worn in are endless. Follow her blog
non-sugar banana

Wear your lace underscarf as low as you
would like. I personally like it a little
bit higher above my eye brows. 

Lace underscaves create a very put together look when
the hijab is wrapped in the traditional way.

What do you think about wearing a lace headband underneath your scarf?

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