Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't Stereotype Me--UMW 2012 Campaign

In March my university, the university of Mary Washington's Islamic Student Association was inspired to launch a campaign against stereotyping and judging. We had witnessed the atrocities of the Trayvon Martin case and thought why not combat stereotyping on campus. Trayvon Martin, and later Shaima Alawadi both were victims of stereotyping essentially and we thought to ourselves: how crazy is it that something as simple as a stereotype could eventually lead to someone being killed? Everyday we stereotype each other and juge each other without really knowing anything about those that we make preconceived notions about. This campaign was a huge success both at my university and online. I posted this on my tumblr page and alhamdulilah it got as of today 6,651 likes and reblogs which is awesome. Although this is late, here is a collection of some of the photos.
I'm Muslim but I Love All Religions 
I Am a Muslim. A Female. And a Feminist

I'm Burmese-Chinese & I'm a Muslimah
We're Both Blonde and White, but We Were Born Muslim!
I'm a Muslim but I'm Not Arab
I'm A Convert and I Freely Converted to Islam on 9/23/11
I'm Muslim and It Takes Me Forever to Grow My Beard
Just because I Wear Hijab Doesn't Mean I'm Perfect
I'm a Hijabi and I love Sports 

I hope you guys enjoyed these photos and reading these stereotypes. Let me know what you think and what have you been stereotyped as before?

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